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The vision for the Perry Lane Art Project is to create a space for public art of a high quality that is both engaging and accessible to the community it occupies. It is hoped the artwork will aid in activating Perry Lane beyond it’s current use as a predominantly pedestrian access way. The public art will act as a ‘cause for pause’ off Oxford Street and provide a celebration of culture and creativity. It’s close proximity to Juniper Hall and the Paddington Reservoir will allow for an added destination for visual discovery.

The project began with a local resident, Ashley Woodcroft interested in introducing Public Art to Paddington and Perry Lane in particular. He approached Woollahra Council and the building owners in 2016. Gregory Ford and Rebecca Hearty, as shop owners and architects recognised the merit of the project and the potential for the artwork to make Perry Lane a vibrant and eclectic space and an extension of the visitor experience.

 With the support of Peter Kauter from Woollahra Council and the Activate Oxford Street Initiative they were able to secure a grant to help realise the project. Since then the project has been evolving and Denise Raftopoulos, an arts administrator has come on as the Project Co-ordinator.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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