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Ignacio Querejeta

I was born in San Sebastian in the Basque Country of Northern Spain, after my studies in Milan I remained in Italy for almost 25 years before moving to Wollongong with my wife.


Everything has influenced my creative language. From my childhood interests to my broad range of professional experiences working in the fields of illustration, graphic and textile design, working for big brands and lecturing in graphic design and illustration for the European Design Institute.

My work represents the natural and urban environments which surround me, seeking to capture the figurative in essential, stylized forms. I use a variety of media and techniques including pencil drawings, screen printing, collage and painted murals.


In Australia I am fascinated by the abundance of nature in my garden, at the beach and around the city which I have responded to most freely in my mural works in Wollongong, Sydney and Wagga Wagga, which interpret and add to the visual environment at the same time.


The compositions are influenced by my experience in the fields of illustration, graphic and textile design moving freely from patterns to portraits and seemingly more casual arrangements mimicking the complex rhythms of nature.

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